Combining Wheat

October 19, 2005

Most of the crops in the Simpson district have been harvested. A few farmers are finishing up. These photos show the Crawford Acres crew. They're straight combining  a relatively new bearded variety of hard spring wheat that goes by the name Superb.

Three Case 2388 combines with thirty-foot headers can cover a lot of ground. This field is on the north side of #15 Highway, six or seven miles northwest of Simpson. That's combine operator Glenn in the photo.

The grain is augered into a steel bin right in the field. When the bin is full, the wheat will be hauled to bins in Allan's yard.

Roy handles this stage of the operation.

Blair pulls a thousand-bushel grain tank. He loads it right at the combine.

The two other combine operators seen in the next few pictures are Dale and Bob.

 Trucker Dwight takes over a combine later on.

Loading the grain tank from the combine - on the go.

That's Glenn in the rear view mirror. In the third photo you can see the reel with its many spikes or fingers. Even where the grain is down, this reel will pick it up; not much will be left for the geese. (Migrating Canada Geese and their white cousins are in the Simpson area by the thousands, feeding up before they resume their migratory journey south. They can't damage the harvested stubble. When they get on unharvested swathes though, watch out! Their 'gourmet's delight' - field peas.)

A few duplicate photos here, but we won't worry about it.

The camera runs out of battery. I ride for three rounds with  Glenn. We solve many of the world's pressing problems. "This year's crop is the best I've ever seen" he says. 

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