Cows, calves (and some bull )

April 25, 2006

The Littlest Cowgirl

A visit to Oakes' home pasture. Allen is grinding and spreading hay and oat straw with the bale processor. David hauls the bales. Robert is in another yard looking after a cow that lost her calf.

About a hundred and sixty calves have been coming into the world here since March 16, almost six weeks ago. One was born yesterday.

The cows are waiting to get at the meal they know is being laid out for them.

Allen opens the gate and here they come... 

Most of the calves accompany their mothers and even sample the fare... How does it compare with milk, boys and girls?

This little bull in the middle photo made his appearance yesterday. We hope to get some pictures of cows giving birth. Come back to this page in case we do...

The last five photos are of the fathers...

Good work men!!

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