A Request Related to the Variety Program at Homecoming

Sun, 09 Jul 2006 17:26:16 -0600

From:  Colleen
Subject:  A request...
I was just wondering if it would be possible or conceivable to get a copy of the 'script' from the first item on the evenings variety show put on your website?

There had to have been hours of preparation put into this performance that seemed to highlight the many Simpson families we know, and with the sound system failing on them, I think only a select few really got to hear the fruits of their labor.

Your website is so interesting and up to date!!!  I have enjoyed checking out the new additions as you post them.  So I'm not requesting this to add onto your workload, but just wondering if it is something that someone else may appreciate ....


Comment by Lloyd - July 22, 2006
I just met today with the two actors who put on the skit, sisters Yvonne and Teresa. They have the script, although it wouldn't contain their ad libs.

Now, it just so happens that several young people were recording the show, so I also have a big part of the dialogue on digital video. It was filmed without external microphones, but is easy to understand. Immediate plans are to copy to VHS format and give copies to the actors for comparison with their script.

Another option is to pull stills from the video and include them as graphics along with  the printed script.
In the longer run, we hope to post portions of the video on the internet for viewing, but that might have to wait till winter.  Both sisters work full time, so some of the plans may not materialize immediately.

Thanks for your query. Good motivation to get the wheels rolling.

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