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From : Janet

     Well, homecoming is almost here.  We are meeting at Jim & Holly Crawford's place, two blocks north of the hotel on Railway Avenue.  They have a shop, so if it rains, maybe they'll let us use it.   We are meeting around 1:30 p.m. Bring your own lawn chair, drink and if you like, some munchies, and of course your better half.

    Carol said it would be nice to support the lunch stands for dinner, so please grab a bite before coming.

    If you have some old music you want us to play, old yearbooks or pictures,  some clean jokes(?), any entertainment you can provide.  Thanks Lloyd for posting it on the homecoming page.    Marvin says hi, unfortunately he can't make it.  Glenn (below) also sends his regards. Hopefully have a fairly good turnout. 

    Have a number of our grade 1 class coming, as well as the grade seven/eight class of 1967.  The parade is at 11:00 on Saturday.

See you all on Saturday.


From :  Janet <>
Sent :  June 24, 2006 12:44:19 PM
Subject :  homecoming

Well, we are getting our gathering underway, and yes am including the Grade 7/8 class of 1967.  So hope you will try very, very hard to make it. 

We are having an informal gathering at Jim & Holly Crawford's backyard (Andy Oakes, previous Murfitt's) on Railway Avenue. We will meet about 1:00-1:30.  Bring your own lawn chair and drink. 

Also if you have any old yearbooks - Anita would like to make copies.  And we'll go from there, maybe meet again on Sunday if time permits. 

Teachers are also welcome!!!  I know Mr. Mattson and Mr. Pidhorodetsky are around.  Maybe Roddy Parker will be there.

So reply to all on this e-mail with your inputs.


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Hi Lloyd:

The graduating class of 1971 is having a get together on Saturday after the parade.    Is there some way I can advertise this on the homecoming page?

Janet Crawford. 

Teachers are welcome.