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Simpson Homecoming 2011

Posted July 9, 2006
Suggestions by Susan - Comments are welcome.
Date:  Tue, 04 Jul 2006 09:05:32 -0600
Subject:  Homecoming

Thanks for a great homecoming!!

I have a few suggestions for your next homecoming. I know that in 2011 it
will be the 100th birthday of the town, so why not do something like the

*        On Sunday once ball is just about over, why not have a "Street
Hockey" game or two on Main Street. You could use the nets from the rink and it might keep people there a little longer, because if you look at
everything on the Saturday, then there is not much to do on Sunday after
church until the evening events.  All ages could play and maybe the girls
(Watrous Bags) could give us a demonstration of their skills (as some of us do not see them play).


*        On one of the days have an old fashion fair. Ask people (anyone who
is coming to the event) to enter into different categories such as pies,
muffins, preserves etc. Then you could ask maybe some local celebrities from the neighbouring towns to judge. Afterwards you could auction off the top four prize winners in each category. This would make a little money for the town or event. Also you could use the pies, cookies, and muffins for part of your meals, as I am sure people would be happy to donate them after the judging.


*        Also, you have the name tags/ lists from the registration so that
you could send a brief notice to all past participants about 2 - 3 months
before the event so that they are well aware of when and what will be
happening. (Some people should have addresses for just about everyone who came.) Canada Post has a discounted rate for bulk mailings. I noticed this time that if you still had ties in the community you knew what was happening or if you received the Watrous paper. I know, I let a person know and kept them up to date as to what was happening and they decided to participate on Saturday.

Thanks again for a great time and we all appreciate the effort made by the
organizing committee. We look forward to the next homecoming.
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